Welcome to School of Physics, Southeast University.

Our school of physics originated from the “Gezhi” department of Sanjiang Normal School established in 1904. In 1952, because of the reorganization of college/university system in China, Nanjing Institute of Technology (the predecessor of Southeast University) established the physics teaching and research group. In 1983, the department of physics & chemistry was re-established, and later the department of physics was founded in 1989. In 2017, the department of physics was expanded to school of physics.

During the past century, numerous distinguished scholars have either studied or worked in our school of physics and its predecessors, including Prof. Chien-Shiung Wu, Prof. You-Hsun Wu, Prof. Chung-Yao Chao and Prof. Jici Yan.

Our school of physics now has both Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy programs in the first-level subject of physics. School of physics also grants Bachelor of Science degree in Physics and Applied Physics and offers post-doctoral research platform.

Our school of physics consists of department of physics, department of applied physics, teaching and research center of college physics, as well as center of physical experiments.  

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Department and Center


Research Area:

Nuclear and Particle Physics

Condensed Matter Physics: Theory and Calculation

Material and Device Physics

Magnetism and Superconducting Physics

Optics and Quantum Information

• Theoretical Physics and Mathematical Physics


Department and Center:

Department of Physics

Department of Applied Physics

Center of College Physics Education and Research

Center of Physics Experiments



School of Physics, 

Southeast University

Nanjing 211189, China