Matriculation Information and Educational Aim

Matriculation Information and Educational Aim

For undergraduate students, we offer 3 majors:  

1.       Theoretical Physics

2.       Applied Physics

3.       Optoelectronic Science and Engineering.

    Around 90 undergraduate students are enrolled annually. 

    We target at developing our undergraduate student to be equipped with strong mathematical and physical theoretical background and profound experimental skills.

For graduate students, we offer the following programs:

1.       First-Level Disciplines for Master Degree: Theoretical Physics;

2.       Master Program: Pedagogical Theory and Further Education

For doctoral students and post-doctoral fellows, we offer:

The Post-Doctoral Station---Theoretical Physics

First-Level Disciplines for Ph.D. Degree: Theoretical Physics           



40% of our undergraduates are enrolled in the most honoured Chinese universities and institutes of Science such as Chinese Academic of Science, Beijing University, Tsinghua University and Fudan University, etc. For the last three years, the employment rate of our undergraduates is 100%.

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