SEU’s Department of Physics originates from Gezhi Division (Gezhi denotes ‘exploring the truths’ in ancient Chinese) of Sanjiang Normal College, which was established in 1904. It had been renamed to ‘Physics and Chemistry Division’, ‘Division of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry’ in chronological order, for the development process of the entire university. In 1920, ‘Division of Math, Physics and Chemistry’ and ’Division of Chinese Literature and Language, History and Geography’ had been incorporated as the faculty of Arts and Sciences in Nanjing Higher Normal College (successor of Sanjiang Normal College), which was comprised of 8 divisions. In 1952 after the college adjustment held in the national realm, a physics teaching-and-researching unit formed in Nanjing Institute of Technology (successor of Sanjiang Normal College and Nanjing Higher Normal College in chronological order). The department of physics had not been re-established until 1983, when a new department of Physics and Chemistry was reset in the administrative level. The current department of Physics, Southeast University was officially established in 1988.

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